Plenary Talks

The plenary speakers are:

  1. Sukumar Adhikari   (HRI, Allahabad)
  2. Harold Edwards  (New York University, USA)
  3. Sudhir Ghorpade  (IIT, Bombay)
  4. Gadadhar Misra (IISc, Bangalore)
  5. Ram Murty (Queens University, Canada)
  6. Parameswaran Sankaran (IMSc., Chennai)


The following symposiums will be organized during the conference:

  1. Symposium on Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry
    •     Organiser: Dilip Patil (IISc, Bengaluru)
  2. Symposium on Topology
    •     Organisers: Mahuya Datta (ISI, Kolkata) and S. Kumaresan (U. Hyderabad)
  3. Symposium on Topological Dynamics and Applications
    •     Organisers: Satya Deo and Sukumar Adhikari (HRI, Allahabad)
  4. Symposium on Number theory
    •     Organiser: S. Katre (U. Pune)
  5. Symposium on Functional analysis and operator theory
    •     Organiser: Amin Sofi (Kashmir University)


Special Lecture

Professor Avinash Sathaye (U. Kentucky, USA) will deliver a memorial lecture on Shreeram Abhyankar. 

Panel Discussion

A panel discussion will be held on Problems and Challenges of Undergraduate Mathematics Education.

Contributory Talks
Some parallel sessions will be held for contributory talks on 17th May, the last day of the conference.


Pre-conference Workshop on Differential Topology

A 2-day PG level workshop will be held before the annual conference of RMS. On each day there will be 3 lectures (each of duration 1 hour 15 minutes) and a tutorial.

The topic of the workshop is:

Morse functions and Handle-body decomposition of manifolds.

Speakers:  Samik Basu (RKMVU, Belur), Mahuya Datta (ISI, Kolkata), Swagata Sarkar (IISc., Bangalore)

Pre-conference Workshop on Undergraduate Education

A workshop entitled "Some high points of Undergraduate Mathematics education" will be held at IISER Mohali on May 14th, 2015. The workshop is aimed primarily at college and university teachers. However, participation from other sections of mathematical community is also welcome.

Organisers: Professor Ravi S. Kulkarni of RMS and Dr. Krishnendu Gongopadhyay of IISER Mohali